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For theoretical physicists and non-physicists.
Theory of relativity

Old-fashioned „modern“ physics
….“salvation“ Lenin or Stalin
(Newton was only a physicist.) blow up mysteries around Einstein „ shrewdly  made up“ .
J120540.43 + 491029.3
...not valid since 34 years!
>>> J.Robert Oppenheimer stated: „Einstein is completely mad“<<<

The Royal Greenwich Observatory has  unanimously (1979) and unchangeably (!) revoked
the research result made by Arthur Stanley Eddington during the solar eclipse on May
19th 1919. This revocation took place 34 years ago, 1979!

Quotations from the free encyclopedia, Wikipedia: Arthuer Stanley Eddington.

"„The general theory of relativity states that mass of the size of the sun should be able to significantly
bend the surrounding space. According to that stars, which are seen from earth close to the sun
should seem to be a little bit shifted, because rays of light should be bent due to the gravity field of
the sun. To observe these phenomena, however, we need a complete solar eclipse, as it is not possible
to observe stars in bright sunlight. Therefore Eddington traveled to Africa in order to observe a solar
eclipse on 29th of May 1919. Afterwards he claimed, that he could confirm Einstein`s prognosis with
pictures. Representatives of classical physics wanted to disprove Eddington`s statements with parallel
observations of Sobral (Ceará, Brazil). The quality of Eddington`s results was sufficient to convince
astronomers of that time. The results of the Brazil expedition were rejected, which were, however,
explained  by technical deficiencies of the telescopes. The test set-up was repeated 1979 by the Royal
Greenwich Observatory.  The result of later research work, however, shows, that Eddington`s set-up
was not suited to prove the bending effect of the sun from the earth“


Numerous  documents show a concrete explanation (with political and social background) how and
what was leading to the revocation of the decision of the Royal Greenwich Observatory, 1979:



A Study Eclipsed by Confirmation Bias - MIT OpenCourseWare

(By professors David Jones and David Kaiser in English)


This revocation is not acknowledging the Institution of Theoretical Physics, it is ignoring all publications
issued since 1979 (internet, journals, newspapers, films and different scientific works), as if nothing had
happened 1979. In these works the disaster pieced together by Eddington and Co, wrong and incorrect,
was presented as a successful research result, also in the journal „Der Spiegel“ (D) Nr. 3/17.01.2005,
page 134


„In a bent space, however, the shortest distance between two points can be also bent. Therefore, so
Einstein, a beam of light shall be deflected when passing big masses.

During a solar eclipse on May 29th 1919 this prediction was confirmed...“


Or in „Profil“ (A) January 24th 2005, page 110


„In May 1919 the British astrophysicist Arthur Eddington made 16 pictures of the sky during a solar eclipse,
which should show if light is actually deflected on the sun.

It was a memorable moment, when the result was announced in the London Royal Society on November
6th 1919, when the astronomer Frank Dyson said in the room of the portrait of Isaac Newton:
>>>After careful analysis of the photographic plates I am ready to declare, that they confirm Einstein`s


It is quite interesting to see Adolf Hitler on the issue of Profil on January 24th 2005. Okay, Hitler and
Einstein are frequently repeated subjects until today.


In the book of Johannes Wickert, Albert Einstein, Rowohlt Verlag, Revised and enlarged new edition,
January 2005, page 97 and 98, Eddington`s research results of 1919 were also declared to be successful.


„...others on the Island of Principe in the Gulf of Guinea. During the solar eclipse by the moon the photographs
show clearly, that the beams of light sent from adjacent fixed stars were actually deflected when passing through
the field of gravity of the sun.“


I have collected in the internet statements of different universities. Here a few „internet“ addresses also describing
Eddington`s expedition as successful. There is no trace of any revocation 1979.

Google, date : 09.02.2013

in the year  2000

in the year  2006

in the year 12.11.2007

in the year 25.11.2008

by K Hentschel - 2010

in the years  2012/2013

By Prof. Rd. Friderike Schmid UNI Bielefeld
2002/2003 and 22.10.2006

in the year 2008

in the year  2004


But what can be expected, when the director and his employee at Max-Planck-Institutes in Berlin, Dr. Jürgen
Renn and Christoph Lehner, both are scientific historians (!), write the following lie in two electronic newspapers.


„This can be quite different. The first proofs for Einstein`s theory, which he  postulated in 1915 were
existing already 1919.“


When mentioning these wrong proofs  a „tiny“ (!) explanation is lacking concerning the following fate of Eddington`s 
bricolage, isn´t it? But no trace of this can be found in the text.
The whole text: release 10
(Der Tagesspiegel and Cicero, both July 5th 2012)


The appearance is null and void.
Let`s assume, that we are living at the beginning of the 20th century.
Everything has been abstracted.
The essence of abstraction is to break traditional (musical, philosophical, literal, creative, social or scientific) forms and
significances with certain hopes, that these unusual formations in a new individual composition will lead to a new sense
(Philosophy, termini, thesis etc.).

So also the senseless things can be considered basic elements of modernism.
Abstraction has worked well on all levels, the problem occured first in politics, because there „abstraction“ required
huge human sacrifying. In the Theoretical Physics the problem was, that Einstein`s explanations and thesis were
exaggerated to an extent (in order to exclude any possible corrections), thanks to the irresponsible experiment of
Eddington 1919, and so the world of Theoretical Physics was (is) less and less able in that extravagant circumstance, 
to negotiate about Einstein`s work in a cultivated way.

In simple words: The theoretical physicists would do the same with Einstein what they do, but abstraction and the
theories of Einstein based on appearance are inhibiting pure  rationality.
As it has been written by the authors Prof. David Jones and Prof. David Kaiser about the bricolage of Eddington:

„An important sign of scientific research was lacking: OBJECTIVITY.“

How does that work in practical life?


At the beginning of the 20th century the different spiritual-social movements were, understandably, build in the
same surroundings and they have naturally developed with that inherited background and they have motivated
their respective reactions. That is the time of a technique, which can be regulated in the system only with difficulties
and which is developing in a crazy way, the time of a social and cultural revolution.

Revolution is never  considerate, there have been no considerated revolutions and there will never be.

Seen from a philosophical point of view thoughtlessness is the base for irresponsibility.

This thoughtlessness is valid, also the revolution of physics, which has developed „modern physics“ in an irresponsible way.


Arts have gone through transitions, which were never predictable, and with the leadership of noisy self-appointed
„unselfish“, „ingenious“, „impeccable“, „good“ souls, finally „really (!) happy“ and „really (!) just“ social systems have
developed: socialism and national socialism.
As it would be shown soon, these artificially made up societies did not work without dictatorship. In a very short time in
was inevitable, that opposition had to be silenced when power was to be preserved, and also stronger measures had to
be performed: critics of economic and political societies build on dogma and half-truths, were boycotted, banned, made
impossible or ridiculous, intimitaded or liquidated. The ones in power, however, did not talk about internal abuse or they
have interpreted it differently, they have just ignored the mistakes arising out of wrong thesis, as they did in theoretical



Schauen wir uns eine "Perle" aus dem Internet an.
Lets have a look at a „gem“ in the internet.
Date: 06. 12. 2012


After giving the words : proof Theory of Relativity, solar eclipse, google shows the following: 

Die Presse 29.05.2009


„Today Einstein`s critics are a disappearing minority, which exchange their pamphlets, so-called counterproofs and
conspirancy theories via internet. In public, however, they are hardly discerned. Was has remained of Einstein is the
picture of the carelessly dressed genius of the century, who overthrew the physical world view of his time. This fame
was started with the moon, when he was moving in front of the sun on May 29th 1919 in order to justify Einstein. (Ag.)“



More similar, „high-level scientific“ articles can be found unter:    press release  09



I have lived 40 years in fascist-communist Hungary. I had sufficient time and possibilities to reason about this situation, to
experience the variety of spiritual and existential suppression myself.

In the society of Einstein`s Theoretical Physics the mechanism can be compared to communist or fascist societies. As
mentioned already all „revolutionary“ patchwork of Einstein`s and Eddington`s bricolage of 1919 was happening not by
coincidence at the beginning of the last century. It was the time of chaos, of imprudent revolutions and anarchism, the
development of communism and fascism.

The Cult of the Fuehrer today.

Einstein is on the top.
...genius, a global wise man, master of the universe, magician of the spirit, the inventor of time and space, the best,
the unswerving one....

(Newton was only a physicist.)


Nowhere in the other sciences, biology, chemistry, etc. or in arts this personality cult is so symptomatic as in fascist-communist
dictatorships: Heil Hitler, „Heil“ Lenin or Stalin, „Heil“ Fidel Castro, Mao Tse-Tung, Duce, etc.
And in Theoretical Physics a person  is dominating, whose theories have not been proven until today, but still „Heil“ Einstein.

All other persons working in the field of state-subsidised theoretical physics are subject to Einstein`s patchwork.
But why?
In order to keep one`s professorship or one`s leading position at university or in a research institute. Let`s not forget
about fat public subsidies paid by the tax payers!

The population is suggested: Einstein is a myth, nobody understands him
(this is not true! Einstein could be caught very easily! Press release 10)

In reality there is no mysticism around him: what can be understood by one person can be comprehended also by another
person sooner or later-IF HE OR SHE WANTS!
Everything is mystical until we do not want to get to know it. Detective stories are interesting and mystical  at the beginning,
because we do not yet know all important motivations of the situation. The solutions of detective stories are as normal and simple
as Einstein`s theories.


Theoretical physicists demand consequently the intimidation in order to preserve the  SUPERHUMAN aura of Einstein arount the
„secret“ of his theory. In order to understand Einstein`s thesis you have to know a few simple physical laws and immediately the
mistakes can be detected.

The patchwork of the Nobel laureate „genius“ is the only one, but in the meantime (1979) revoked confirmation: the solar
eclipse pictures of Eddington, 1919.
The clever theoretical physicists have scented the smell immediately in the revolutionary anarchistic circumstances at the
beginning of the 20th century and they started to support Eddington`s still valid decision and to force it systematically  to the
unsuspecting audience, or to inflate the mystery arount Einstein`s „clever inventions“.

In the newest research works of theoretical physics we have the „good“ myones, which live  longer in space as „normally“ (!)
permitted in order to die in earth atmosphere. This fairy-tale phenomena serves only to support Einstein`s time dilatation.
The main actor of the Special Theory of Relativity is light.l

If we consider behaviour of light with laws made by physicists and not according to Einstein`s phantasies of an average  market
woman (sorry!), then the right explanation is, that light does extend in the „Einstein train lamp“, but does  not continue to move
' with that train lamp, that means not with the train, but reaches the floor of the train in the opposite direction of the movement.
Both observers of two inertial systems will measure the same time and lenghts of the ways of the light.
There is no time dilatation!

Now I will present my revocation of time dilatation.
How did I find that solution?
A full-blooded Einstein expert (I have quoted from this book before), who admired these  theories had written a book about our
great „genius“. He could do so because he wrote his thesis about Einstein.
Johannes Wickert: Albert Einstein, Rowohlt Taschenbuch Verlag, revised and extended new edition, January 2005, page  58.

He writes:

„...light... is spreading in vaccuum, as we know, independently of the moving condition of the light source and constantly for
the observer. This is a reliable result of physical research work.“


This statement was also acknowledged by one of the theoretical physicists supporting Einstein, with whom I communicated
for months. He is professor at two Universities at home and abroad and he is also working in CERN.
(Letters and address are with me).

My expositions.


This example is based on Einstein`s described and explained experiment in „Der Spiegel“.

© Bálint

Light devolops at the edge of a light source, a beam starts to run towards the floor.

© Bálint


The train goes on for a certain distance. Our selected beam of light (orange), which is, as the spreading of light
is independent from the moving condition of the light source
, running in the train where it started to run originally.
That is: The light (the selected beam of light) stays behind!


The traveler and the one standing on the platform see the same events. Time passing is the same for both.
There is no time dilatation!


There are also Einstein`s  rings around the bending of the space to be proven  in 8 billion light years (!!!).
(with a distance of 8 light minutes during the solar eclipse they could only announce a defeat).
The theoretical physicists of 8 billion light years are much more precise than a distance of 8 light minutes! Sounds
very credible, doesn`t it?

Besides: in the internet we can find a lot of pictures, where Einstein`s rings seem to be „bluish or reddish“.
When light is bending together with space it must arrive with its original white colour.
Of course excuses can be made in normal fascist-communist way (now half-truths).


The explanation of the article is as follows:
„gravitation lenses produce achromatic diffraction, because the bending of time and space for light is the
same for all colours.“
Of course (!) the author forgot to explain, how that coloured light developed.
( )
Where did that chromatic diffraction take place in the universe?
Because these bluish and reddish features shown on the pictures are the results of a normal light refraction!
You have to be at least a university professor in order to come to that realization!

I never asked anybody to prove my statements, but if this has been done, it has been done and I thank all tax
payers for enabling these experiments. I also want to thank the photographers for their excellent pictures of light refraction.

More about that subject can be found at:, press release 08.

The inventory numbers of some very successful pictures about light refraction:

J073728.45 + 321618.5
J120540.43 + 491029.3
J162746.44 -  005357.5
J163028.15 + 452036.2
galaxy J2135 - 0102

Yes and experiments with nuclear clocks are also a hubbub of time dilatation. I should indicate there, that the
constructor of the first nuclear clock, Louis Essen, was also an opponent of Einstein.
He was the thinking and courageous man, who made the Royal Society and the British government angry in the early
70-ies, that is before the revocation of Eddington`s bricolage 1919, by publishing critical remarks about the Special
Theory of Relativity of Einstein. This impulse was probably leading to the decistion of 1979 of the Royal Greenwich
Observatory to revocate the bricolage of Eddington from 1919.

Now it should be mentioned, that Einstein, as he had told himself, war riding as a kid on a bundle of light quicker than
light itself. The theoretical physicists cannot get rid of that childish fairy-tale, that is why they fly for years with spaceships
flying with more than light speed.

Let`s have a look at reality.
How could you refill fuel?
From any other flight object flying with you and having even more weight?
And how could it be technically possible to achieve that speed, because the quicker you go the more the spaceship will
shrink with all its moving and rotating elements, cables and fuel lines etc. in the movement direction,
that is only in the moving direction (!).

„Concerning the coordinate system....* the length of the stick is diminishing in the movement direction. Analogue to the time
it seems to be shorter the quicker it moves. If it has reached approximately 90 % of light speed, he will be contracted to
half of its original length.“

  • see above 200
  • (Johannes Wickert: Albert Einstein, revised and extended edition, January 2005,

page 60)

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, not coming from Hungary!
In our Puszta the gearwheels of a clicking clock are not oval (because there nature and not Albert Einstein is the ruler!)

These far-fetched and not proven, never provable experiments, and what is the most important feature: very often their
form and content is completely alien to the original and faulty theses of Einstein.

If this were not the case theoretical physicists would not be afraid to loose the one and only confirmation of Einstein`s theory.
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!
Let`s think, it does not hurt!


The theories of Einstein have no other proof, because theoretical physicists are quoting for 100 % not the revocaterd (!)
but a valid confirmation!

Again the conclustions:

That means that there is the crystal clear conclusion, that in theoretical physics for more than 100 years unproven
handy-panky has been taught.
And all this was financed by the tax-payers!

As mentioned before theoretical physicists are busy with features which are several billion light years away.
The practical use of these experiments is null!
Everything financed by the tax payers!


But what about  light and earth gravitation? They are close to men, we even live in them. These would give us
sufficient challenges. The biggest riddle for today`s physics is absolute space on the surface of earth.
Between the top of the apple tree and the surface of earth we have absolute space, Newton was right in that case.
In which museum do we see the apple tree of Newton?


Theoretical physicists must misinterpret nature of light due to the dictatorship of Einstein`s wrong theories, as also
the explanation of gravitation, a patchwork of our genius and Noble laureate is inhibiting them.

Let`s assume the following:
What would happen, if news are spreading, that the only proof of Einstein`s theories is invalid and then all hassle
around Einstein would be just hanky-panky without any reality?
Very soon attractivity of theoretical physics would be gone and the main part of physical institutes would have to change
their structure. What would be personally hurting theoretical physicists: they would become a laughing stock for all their
students and in the public opinion. They would make a fool of themselves. This story has been developed for more than
100 years in an irreversible way, and the only chance for continuing and keeping up a pretence is, to continue the order
of fascist-communist actions. In order to preserve power at any costs, to exclude critics and to ignore the mistakes of
Einstein`s theory. As fascists were keeping the existance of concentration camps secret, theoretical physicists are concealing
the mistakes of Einstein`s theories and they have ignored  the revocation of the only proof of Einstein`s theories since 1979,
for more than 34 years!

With the reasoning and recommendations of theoretical physicists four countries consider him their „own son“, the big
„pretending guy“ and imposter Einstein.


Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung – BMBF-Federal Ministry for Education and Research

Eidgenössisches Departement für Wirtschaft, Bildung und Forschung WBF
Department for Economy, Education and Research

U.S. Federal Science

Ministry of Science and Technology


The bosses of theoretical physicists have the obligation to inform the respective ministeries  about essential changes
and happenings in the field of physics. Especially in cases of applying for state subsidies for their own scientific field.
Of course theoretical physicists are also working in the ministeries. Which new informations about such a powerful genius
(...wise man of the world, master of the universe, spiritual magician, inventor of time and space, the best, the unswerving
one...) should escape attention of specialists!

The revocation of the result of the pictures of Eddington 1919 cannot be considered to be without significance!

The news and (or) the documentation of the revocation published 1979 must have reached the ministeries during these
34 years! In order to understand that revocation you do not need special knowledge, no infinite physical equations are
needed to  extrapolate something in math. That means, that Einstein, the big discoverer (...wise man of the world, master
of the universe, spiritual magician, inventor of time and space, the best, the unswerving one...)
has not been valid any more since 34 years!

But ministeries have ignored that fact and they continued to exhaust tax payers from the budget and to finance endeavours
without any sense and without end.

It shall be expected from all working and qualified psychologists, socialogist or philosophers, that they are able to define:
a genius, and other SUPERHUMAN talents do not exist, these exaggerated names are only a product of mass media of
„modern“ society.

As it was done with  fascist-communist Lenin also the brain of Einstein was taken out and analyzed. (Both made their
„experiments“ at the same time.) If we can believe reports Einstein had a brain, which had 170 gramm less than an
average human being.
>>J. Robert Oppenheimer, German physicist, who emigrated to the USA being a Jew, where he became the
„Father of the nuclear bomb“.

This press seminary can be completed, if so required, by press release 1-10.

I shall not take responsibility for any changed significance, for any individual words, expressions or text blocks taken out
from the general text without considering the original contexts!

My presse releases 8 and 9 can be found already on Google under:,


"Eddington solar eclipse Einstein",
press release 10 - Google with the words
"Presseaussendung 10 Relativitätstheorie",

I would like to publish interesting answers with name and e-mail address in my next press release.


In case of contradictions or disputes the German version shall be valid.

András Bálint

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